proyecto abcd 2011

My work is almost always a spatial ambition. Sometimes I use paint, sometimes, sculpture, and light and color as argument, inviting the wandering between a changing pieces that invite stopping look. My works are predominantly visual, but owning a rhythm that gives shape to the concept. I use light as a metaphor of natural loops. The material is the symbol of the path that leads. The road is not the end nor the beginning; It is the thread, poetry of movement. And with light, color. Lights interests me that expand on the floor, walls and ceiling, drawing a chromatic writing and producing a dialogue of shadows weaving a new set of reflections and perceptions that lead me to the Myth of the Cave.
This image is part of the paper version of a project in Portugal. Here, dialogue is formed by the viewer and space. The piece is “full” of holes where the action takes place. Each is a “spider web” that “chase” the changes of time and space; are observations of reality, holes to look. Allegory of ambiguous perceptual situation where the man is, the facility will be a succession of images of light of different colors that change individually. The viewer is not involved in the changes: You can only use the imagination to predict the next, as the collective environment of his own life.
A Mercedes Lara likes to create “good atmosphere”. His pieces, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, are areas for reflection from which transcend from associated sensory stimuli in sight. “Holes” is a preview of its future stop on Luis I Foundation in Cascais Cultural Centre (2011). Before, their atmospheres recalar├ín this month in Japan. Lara will partner with the environment as it did in the building Fisac in Daimiel or Valladolid Pimentel Palace