Mercedes Lara Garzás

Daimiel, Ciudad Real, 1967



Time began being my obsession and I talked about it though my changing pieces.

For this purpose I use light in cycles and trough it, colour transforms my “paintings”.

But time can´t be separated from space, thus, the chromatic changes that indicate the passing of time happening in a place. With light I imitate and interpret time, its continuous change and our eternal different perception of it. This connects with Plato´s Mith of the Cave and the idea of our smallness, we are depending on where, how and when we look at things and their eternal variation.

All I do is putting pieces of earth in boxes, as the Little Prince would do with his lamb, and then I make holes in those boxes.

Space and time are the great obsessions and, nevertheless, we don´t have any control over them, they are out of our reach, like black holes we cannot escape from. I try trough my work to give consciousness to the pass of the former and the mutability of the latter.

My favorite materials are threads, for their fragility and ductility, their light and changing r, for their connection with the passing of time.

With the threads I imitate the earth and its movements, creating skeletons from where the threads hang. Space. The thread connects with hand crafts and the work of women, with the daily routines of mundane jobs.

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